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As a company focused on the development and integration of thecnical solutions for underwater communications, Erika Power Systems designs and manufactures high quality underwater video and communications equipments, custom made in order to fulfill any specific requirements of our customers.




  1. Research on possibilities for the development of naval hydro-electromagnetic applications in seawater
  2. Modeling and realization of a component for generating an electromagnetic pulse to block the communications systems
  3. Research and training in electrical engineering, electronics and naval hydroacoustic
  4. System with vectorial command for three-phase asynchronous engines for supplying of naval actuation mechanisms




  1. Remote underwater wired mini-robots, designed for both utilitarian and recreational tasks;
  2. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Monitoring Designed for the Maritime Areas, Environmental and Navigation Presenting Risks and for Port Security
  3. Medium-Power Silent Aeolian Energy Source for Domestic Applications


Why Underwater Project?

Because Underwater Project team experience was gained not only the domain within the marine environment, but also in other related domains, which is reflected in both projects realized and in studies and scientific research.

electrotechnics, naval electronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

navigation, electromechanics, harbor exploitations, onboard ship electrical equipment


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Communication and underwater inspection system


VISION 1712 is a video and communication system designed to be used by diving teams. The equipment can be easily operated and its supports both video and voice communication by one diver and also fitted with internal and external recording devices.

Additionally the system supports wireless communications that could prove very useful for tender or any other third party operator.

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rovThe ROV prototype is designed to carry out underwater surveillance in lakes, harbors and maritime environment, under a remote control system placed onshore or on seaborne platforms. ROV consists of a watertight streamlined body that includes the sensors, projectors and electronic microcontrollers, linked to the remote control station (laptop) via an umbilical cable that transfers data from the vehicle and commands from the operator. ROV is destined to assist divers during reconnaissance operations or to fully replace them in tough hydro-meteorological conditions.

Research and development of the prototype has been accomplished in the “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy under a contract awarded by the Romanian Naval Forces.

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Your vision can become our project - research * design * exploration * technology

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