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Vision 1712

 Communication and underwater inspection system



vision1712VISION 1712 is a video and communication system designed to be used by diving teams. The equipment can be easily operated and its supports both video and voice communication by one diver and also fitted with internal and external recording devices.

Additionally the system supports wireless communications that could prove very useful for tender or any other third party operator.

The underwater camera is fitted with panel adjustable LED array designed to enhance visibility when needed. The state of the art video camera is incorporated in a watertight housing which is fitted in a special glass with very high resistance and clearance. The camera has auto image adjustment, autofocus, light compensation and also zoom in/out functions which can be adjusted from the control station.

vision1712-cabluThe cable design allows the equipment to be operated for video and audio transmission simultaneously and separately.
The display is a 17″ daylight viewable with high brightness and wide viewing angles which offers excellent clear image of underwater operations.
VISION 1712 offers up to 72 hours of continuous inbuilt audio and video recording. The system is equipped with on internal DVD-RW and also USB 2.0 port for external devices. The system is powered with 220V a.c., 50 Hz and has internal rechargeable batteries that can keep the equipment powered up to 4 hours.
The surface control station incorporates audio and video controls and also fitted with trackball that makes the intuitive on screen menu very easy to operate.



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